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3 Ways to Control Pests Yourself

If you've had pests invade before, you're probably wondering about ways you can protect your home in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Consider using these tips to protect your home from a variety of pest problems, including cockroaches, rodents, spiders, house flies, fruit flies, and even wood-destroying ants.

Just keep in mind that severe infestations of any type of pest most likely require professional help, but these will help you toward becoming pest-free regardless of your situation.

DIY Tips to Control Pests on Your Own

1. Attractant Reduction

Landscaping | You might be surprised to learn how attractive your yard can be to every kind of insect, arachnid, and mammal. Reduce harborages and food pests can forage. Pick up fallen branches, fruit, leaves, and other debris.

Vegetation can also cause problems if left unkempt. Cut the grass extra short two feet out from the foundation all the way around the house, and make sure bushes, hedges, and other shrubs are trimmed at least one foot from the house siding.

Place your garbage bins, firewood pile, and compost pile at least 20 feet from the house to avoid collecting pests around or inside them. Consider placing metal screening with at least ¼ inch gauge around the piles for additional protection against rodents.

Inside the House | There are things you can do inside your home to keep pests from wanting to enter your home in the first place. All pests need food and water, so concentrate on food storage areas and water pipes, drains, and other water access areas.

Seal all your food in airtight, sealed plastic containers stored on a high shelf that makes it more difficult for pests like cockroaches and rodents to access it.

Some kinds of pests, like drain flies, like to lay their eggs in the nastiest places. Clean your drains with an over-the-counter drain cleaner.

Establish a regular sanitation regimen in your home to disturb their hiding places. Most pests are unlikely to stick around if they're in constant danger of getting caught.

2. Entry Point Reduction

Discourage pests from breaking into your home by blocking common entry points. Some entry points will be difficult to find for some pests, such as cockroaches and rodents, which can fit into minuscule gaps in your home, but there are a few things you can do.

Outside the Home | In your yard, erect your own protective fencing around crops and gardens. Purchase 10 gauge steel screening with holes that are no larger than ¼ inch.

Install this screening around compost and firewood piles. For areas with raccoons or other tunneling pests, bury 12 inches of the screening about six inches deep. About 12 inches of the screening should be parallel to the ground and six inches deep, and be sure to tamp the buried portion thoroughly.

There are also row covers available that can help protect some crops from insect or other pest damage.

Home Entry Points | Use silicone caulking, steel mesh, and copper wire mesh to plug and seal all the gaps around doors and windows, especially basement or ground-level openings. Pay attention to the gaps around utility pipes and gaps in siding, especially siding gaps less than one foot off the ground.

3. Techniques and Resources to Keep Pests Away

Always be careful when employing pest control methods yourself. The following treatments must always be used with care and caution. We don't recommend using live traps for wildlife or rodents because certain traps may be illegal in the Corpus Christi area, you could end up hurting yourself or the animal, or you could accidentally contract a disease from the animal you're trying to catch. So be sure to exercise caution.

Boric acid is a common ingredient in numerous household cleaning products, including dish detergent and laundry detergent and is extremely toxic to anything with an exoskeleton. Purchase a powdered form of this product at your local hardware store and apply it lightly in areas where pests are commonly found.

Diatomaceous earth is another useful product you can purchase at a garden supply store or hardware store. It acts something like glass for most arthropods, and breaks down or cuts up the waxy cuticle on the outside of their exoskeleton and causes them to quickly dehydrate.

Traps and baits can also be effective for many pests, including rodents, ants, and cockroaches. Glue traps, snap traps, and similar products can be purchased at your local hardware store. Some cockroach kits online have bait available for cockroaches.

Soap can be an effective kill-on-contact solution: just mix soap and water in a bottle to create a spray that you can use whenever you see a spider or other pest scurrying around the house.

Essential oils, specifically peppermint oils, are proven to work against spiders and rats, so consider purchasing an oil humidifier and placing it in an area where spiders commonly appear, such as basements, attics, or storage areas.

Cucumber slices have been known to reduce pest activity because of its bitterness. Place raw slices in the soil outside your home near common entry points (listed above). You can also place thin slices on windowsills to reduce moth and silverfish activity. Be sure to replace them, though, because a rotten cucumber can attract more pests than it deters.

Natural enemies of many pests include ladybugs and green lacewings, which eat mealybugs, scale, aphids, and other plant-destroying pests. Spiders, centipedes, mantids, and other carnivorous insects can also help keep the pest population down in your garden or flower plot.

Best Pest Protection: Contact Fox Pest Control Today

Sometimes professional involvement is necessary to mitigate a serious problem. Integrated pest management can help solve your problem, and Fox Pest Control company has the effective control experts you need to solve your pest problem

Often, chemical pesticides are given a bad name because of the irresponsible and ignorant usage of DDT and other dangerous chemicals misused during the previous century, and some were even pesticides labeled improperly, or not at all. You don't have to worry about that with our EPA- approved, environmentally responsible, family-friendly products.

So, no matter your pest control problem, our Fox Pest Pros can help. Call today to get the job done right the first time, because no bugs is simply better.

Posted on January 28, 2020.

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