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Typical Robstown Pest Control Problems

Robstown is just south of Calallen and about 17 miles west of Corpus Christi. Since it’s still relatively close to the ocean, Robstown is a safe haven for pests. Mosquitoes thrive there in the hot, humid summers, making it difficult to go outside and enjoy the town without mass amounts of bug spray. In addition to being annoying, mosquitoes are also potentially dangerous. They have been known to carry diseases like the Zika virus, West Nile virus, and malaria. 

Fleas are also abundant in Robstown. Most people don’t think of fleas as an issue until their pet or home become infested. It’s important to catch these blood-sucking creatures early before they become a problem. Fleas like to live in tall grass, foliage, and wooded areas. Before entering the house, residents should check themselves and their pets for fleas. If there is a problem, a trusted pest control company like Fox Pest Control can service the property and eradicate the pests.

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Our Connection to Robstown

Pest Pro Tyler Moore grew up in Calallen, TX, very close to Robstown; he even has cousins who live in Robstown. However, Tyler’s favorite thing to do when visiting the town is eating at Furman’s BBQ, a place he calls “a staple of Robstown.”. His wife is a big fan of barbecue, and he looks forward to taking her there one day. He hopes it will become their new go-to BBQ joint.

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